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Automobilia Auctions

Automobilia auctions, also known as automobile memorabilia auctions or car-related antiques and collectibles auctions, are popular with collectors and enthusiasts. This category of auctions features a wide variety of items such as vintage license plates, hubcaps, car-related signs and posters, and classic model cars. Many of these automobilia items are considered to be antiques and can fetch impressive prices at auction.

The Barrett-Jackson automobilia auctions lives up to its reputation as the world’s greatest collector car auction by offering vehicles from some of the most revered automobile brands in the world. This world-class event also hosts an array of other auction items, such as automobile accessories like racing posters, dealership signs, gas pumps and hood mascots.

If you are a fan of television shows such as “American Pickers” or “Antiques Road Show,” you will find the Barrett-Jackson Automobilia Auction to be quite interesting. Much like those shows, all auction items at the Barrett-Jackson Auction are sold with no reserve to the highest bidder, regardless of the price. This is one of the reasons why this auction has something for every collector, from a 1950s Humble Esso Aviation Products Airport Hangar neon sign to a rare and valuable Bobby Knudsen gasoline and oil advertising collection.

Auction items are displayed and sold at the Barrett-Jackson Automobilia auction under the watchful eyes of expert appraisers. This allows potential buyers to get an accurate idea of how much a particular item is worth and ensures that all items are properly represented for sale. Auction personnel also work with factory, rental car, fleet and financial institution representatives to coordinate the arrival of vehicles for sale at the auction site. This includes determining which vehicle will be offered first and what, if any, repairs are required before the vehicles can go up for sale.

Once an auction is completed, the purchased vehicles are transported to the dealers’ lots by a variety of transportation services. These transportation companies typically use the same vehicles that were used to transport the consigned vehicles to the auction site. Many of these vehicles are then driven by a professional driver to their new owners, making for a very memorable experience.

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